Atelier Naqaa | Resin & mixed media art

A STUDIO OF PURE ART Amidst the chaotic world,

Amidst a chaotic world, we are able to find beauty and purity in the things around us. And this is translated into the artworks produced.


Atelier Naqaa holds on to the value of purity in nature, in people, in homes, and in our surroundings, It is present in every stroke and material used to create masterpieces. It is universal. It is multicultural. And it reflects the pure soul of the world around us .


In this atelier, we strive to transform ordinary things into soulful masterpieces; from a simple painting, to redesigning furniture, and everything else in between.


Abled or disabled, each one of us has a pure heart .And to highlight this, we have partnered with Natahaddaa to help bring awareness on the different disabilities in Jordan .


For every artwork purchased, a small percentage will go to this cause, in the hopes of bridging gaps and creating a more inclusive way of living.